We teach autistic people how to communicate

rpm non speaking speaking comunication method for autism education pointing

"RPM has given me a voice. You should give it a try."

Chris Finnes
Chris has autism and is nonspeaking. He has been taught using an approach called the Rapid Prompting Method RPM which has enabled him to spell out his thoughts by pointing; letter by letter.

“RPM has been probably the best thing I have learnt to do. It has shown the world that autism is not a lack of intellect.”

Chris Finnes – aged 17 – September 2016

Chris inspired us to set up Unlocking Voices to help other Autistic people
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Unlocking Voices Mission

To empower parents to learn RPM so they can help their non-speaking or minimally speaking autistic children to:

  • Unlock their previously hidden ‘voices’ and demonstrate their intelligence
  • Develop thinking and reasoning skills and communicate thoughts and opinions
  • Develop skills for independent living, hobbies, interests and leisure activities

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